Paint.NET 4.0.21

Free, easy-to-use photo editor with support for layers

If you need something more powerful than Microsoft Paint but not as complex as Photoshop, Paint.NET is what you're looking for. View full description


  • Well-designed interface
  • Support for layers
  • Easy to use
  • Includes lots of filters and effects


  • Not as complete as other major graphic suites

Very good

If you need something more powerful than Microsoft Paint but not as complex as Photoshop, Paint.NET is what you're looking for.

Turn your image into an oil painting

This well-designed image editor offers a wide array of tools and options you would only expect to find in large graphic suites.

Paint.NET lets you work on several images simultaneously, has support for layers, keeps a history of all the changes you've made to your images so you can easily undo them, and includes a variety of drawing tools (brushes and geometrical shapes, for example).

You'll also find many special filters and effects that can turn your image into an oil painting or a pencil drawing in just one click.

Simple and straightforward

Paint.NET has a simple interface, making the program straightforward to use. The menus are well organised so it is easy to find the option you are looking for.

Wide range of features

Paint.NET is a great free image editing suite, with a bunch of useful tools for photo optimization and retouching. Due to its simplicity but also its wide range of features, the program is perfect for both casual users and those who need to carry out some more complex editing.


  • This update fixes some broken shortcut keys for the View -> Actual Size command.
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+A now works again as a shortcut for View -> Actual Size (broken in 3.5.9)
  • Fixed: Ctrl+0 still works for View -> Actual Size even if 10 or more images are open (broken in 3.5.9, it would switch to the 10th image)


Paint.NET 4.0.21

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